About The City Slickers

The band was formed in 2012 by Alan and Jim.
The City Slickers then evolved as different players joined in, and bringing with them, their individual abilities and experiences.
The goal was, to provide audiences with a high level musical experience which they could relate & dance to.
With its current roster of musicians The City Slickers are achieving that goal offering a wide range of music spanning from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80's.

About The Musicians


Alan has been playing keyboards and singing in bands since he was 16. Played for three years with the resident band at the Lyceum in London England. He also performed at the British Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall.

After emigrating to Victoria he focused on solo performances and made several appearances on Chek TV. He was also a finalist in the "Search for a Star" competition on CBC TV.

He now enjoys playing a wide variety of music with the band.

Rock on !


Jim has been playing music for more than half a century. 

From guitar in early “folk” duets and then bar bands, to his current role as bass player in The City Slickers, Jim has always found a genre within which to pursue his love of music. 

Jim’s musical tastes are eclectic.


Played in the UK during the 60s. with various bands including  "Drive" ,"The Clique" and England's "Elvis"....".Raving Rupert."

1969 moved to Canada. Recorded with Hank Smith , "The Band of Armagh", David Lockyer, A compilation blues cd named " Blues for the blues" ,John Bones Blues Project and others.

Played for Big Dave Mclean, Brent Parkin ,Wilma Groenen, Long John Baldry & various Chicago blues luminaries .

Biggest influences include Big Dave McLean & Brent Parkin.


They say that he was born with drum sticks in his hands and since then he hasn't skipped a beat exploring music to its fullest.

Played professionally in various cover bands from Jazz to Rock, Blues, Pop & New Wave, also formed several bands performing original music of all genres from Hard Rock to Alternative, Jazzy Funky Lounge, World Beat, Folk & Improvisational.

He still enjoys entertaining & participating in various musical ventures.

And truly enjoys being part of this fun band  ...The City Slickers!

Upcoming Gigs

Sunday July 12th 2020, Music In The Park in Langford
2 PM @ Veteran's Memorial Park

Come and have some fun

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