2020 was lining up to be an amazing year, then Covid hit!
It hit all of us, all venues, every musicians and fans, for us 2 gigs survived the restrictions
Once the restrictions lifted in 2022, City Slickers will be there for you to dance and have a good time!

Music in the Park, Langford July 12th 2020

2020 New Years Eve Dance Party at Our Lady of Fatima Dec. 31st 2019


The City Slickers started 2020 with a bang!

As 2019 came to an end, The City Slickers (Jim, Alan & Glenn) called on Eugene to join the band as their new drummer, this happened just in time for their annual New Year's Eve party at OUR LADY OF FATIMA    

  It was well received by a house packed by an enthusiastic crowd filling out the dance floor awaiting the memorable stroke of midnight. (Jan.2020)


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